Executive Presentation Coaching

Any of these familiar to you?

  • A feeling of dread looming over you because that keynote or presentation is getting closer;
  • A feeling of frustration that you can’t schedule the time for you and your team to focus on preparing for your upcoming engagements;
  • A feeling of exasperation that your event presentations are not yielding the return you had hoped for;
  • A feeling of confusion that you don’t know where to go or who to ask for support in preparing your presentations.

If you’re a senior business or thought leader, or an executive team preparing for events, conferences or to inspire your people, you’ve come to the right place for presentation coaching.

Let’s get you started on the journey from painful presenting to powerful presenting and help you achieve the next level of growth for your organisation.

What’s In It For You?

Working with us can empower you to:

  • pinpoint the triggers of your public speaking anxiety and equip you with tools and strategies to manage it more effectively;
  • acquire physical and vocal strategies to project greater authority and assurance when speaking;
  • employ the art of persuasive speaking and speechcraft;
  • inspire and galvanise your team and demonstrate more impactful leadership;
  • excel and enjoy greater yield at your future events to see better return on your marketing investment.

How it Works

Let’s have a conversation. You can tell us what you or your team need, how long for, how many points of contact you’d like – whether on-site, off-site or online – and what involvement you’d like at the event itself. We can then discuss a range of coaching and training options, including personalised presentation coaching, speech craft, executive team training days, retainers and so on.

The only obstacle to getting started is procrastination. Speak with us today about helping to move your business to the next level.