Keynote Speaking at Conferences and Events

Looking for an engaging professional speaker to provide keynote speaking at your next conference or event? Look no further than Simon Day.

Simon’s Story

In 2013, Simon was unemployed – his life was out of control. His confidence, career prospects and relationships were suffering. Central to all of this was anxiety around public speaking and communication. He felt terrified. Terrified of presenting, public speaking, making phone calls, networking events – just talking. To anyone.

Two choices remained: spend his life hiding in the shadows and risk losing everything, or find his voice.

Simon’s tireless pursuit of transformation has seen him become a UK award-winning speaker and executive presentation coach. After over 12 years in education and seeing the challenges first-hand, he founded Kingfishers Consulting. This allows Simon and his team to work more closely with professionals from corporate, public sector and education backgrounds as they develop their communication, presentation and public speaking skills. He has achieved numerous communication awards from Toastmasters International, The Professional Speaking Association and holds Grade 8 Speaking in Public with Distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

There have been plenty of challenges on this journey but the resilience Simon has won through these experiences shines through, making his speeches rich with story, relatable and powerful.

Why Book Simon?

Simon’s keynote speaking inspires and empowers people to challenge their fears, communicate more openly, look after their mental health and wellbeing and lift their vision. He frequently speaks on resilience, change, mindset, growth and goal-setting.

We are passionate about helping people perform at their best, develop stronger relationships, play their part in growing their businesses and achieve the next level of success. Simon is available for on-stage or online events.

Do you have an upcoming conference or online event that would benefit from an authentic, passionate, professional speaker that can inspire your audience? Get in touch and we will be delighted to speak with you further.