Talk Like a Team – Communications Training and Therapeutic Support for Corporate Mental Health

Employee engagement appears to be at its lowest ever point and plummets to as low as 10% in places like the UK. This leads to estimated losses of between £44-70 billion annually due to low productivity, disengagement, burnout, stress and mental health-related absence.

Why are so many people unhappy at work?

We’re losing the ability to communicate. We need to change our habits, our cultures and our outcomes – one conversation at a time.

Too many people are burning out, experiencing stress and becoming disenfranchised from what should be a vital source of support and community. We need to rebuild cultures of trust, collaboration and communication in our workplaces and ensure values are lived and breathed, not simply laminated or painted on the wall.

In almost all cases, the best talent acquisition comes from the people already in front of you. Nurturing the wellbeing and skills of your existing people can strengthen relationships, increase engagement, drive productivity and support retention, thereby both increasing profitability and saving economic waste on absence, recruitment and re-training costs.

We provide expert training on internal communication, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Thanks to Laura Nicholas, who holds an MA in Art Psychotherapy from the University of Derby and is accredited by both the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT), we also provide expert and confidential therapy services to safeguard mental health, manage wellbeing and support ongoing personal and professional development.

We are passionate about helping people perform at their best so organisations can grow together, achieve new levels of productivity and strengthen both internal and client relationships.

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Meet the Team:

Simon Day is an executive presentation and communication coach. Boost your mental health with improved confidence.
Simon Day – Executive Communications Coach & Trainer
Laura Day is a psychotherapist and corporate mental health and wellbeing specialist.
Laura Nicholas – Accredited Psychotherapist & Corporate Wellbeing Specialist